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Central Mobile Village is the RV Park of choice for vacationers coming to the Port Arthur, TX area, oil refinery workers, construction workers, and other seasonal workers. It is also the favorite RV Park for people all across the country who are living the RV lifestyle, traveling across the country, staying at the best RV Park at every stop. There are many reasons why some people are getting into this lifestyle in a big way.

The RV lifestyle is most definitely more affordable than other conventional lifestyles. An RV costs a lot less than a brick and mortar house, and it is possible to find some real bargains on high quality, used recreational vehicles.

People also pay less on utilities because electricity is included in the rental fee at the RV Park. At Central Mobile Village, that is most definitely the case. Full time recreational vehicle owners can also choose a domicile to call home and many choose Texas. The great thing about Texas is that there is no state income tax!

Aside from the economic benefits, the RV lifestyle offers a great sense of freedom and adventure. Cruising down the open road, becoming acquainted with this great country of ours, and meeting fantastic people at every stop, has a charm that is all its own.

Central Mobile Village has a reliable, free WIFI signal, so staying in touch with friends and family via skype is never a problem. Sending loved ones post cards from every stop along the way is also a fantastic way to reach out and let people know what has been going on at all the stops along the journey.

This lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular amongst retirees, but many others are also getting involved. For people who are thinking of working their way around the country, there are many job opportunities in Port Arthur, TX.

If you are planning on coming through Texas, stay at our RV Park, you will never be disappointed.

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